Appalachian Training LTC Level IV Stand Alone Plates and EOC Combo

If you are looking for a deal on armor plates, Appalachian Training has you covered (that’s a little armor humor for you). They are selling the LTC Level IV Stand Alone Plates for just $149.95 each or as part of a very slick combo which saves you even more money.


The LTC Level IV Stand Alone Plate is a single curve, 10″ x 12″, shooters cut plate. They are .73″ thick and weigh 8.25 pounds each.

Appalachian Training has this to say about the plates:

This rig is fully capable for the occasional class, bail-out or truck rig, or any contingency that will require a limited use. While this is US made and quality, the design is not one that we would recommend for constant hard-use (LE, PMC, .mil). In our experience this design is a perfect balance for the US citizen that need an armor solution, but may not require the full features of a LWPC, LPAAC, or our APC.

This plate is also available as part of a combo that includes 2 plates, a Mission Spec EOC Carrier, and shoulder pads.

Appalachian Training

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