Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Series

Crimson Trace has made both lights and lasers that mount in front of the trigger guard before. The problem is that you always had to choose between a light and a laser… until now. They just unveiled the new Rail Master Pro Series rail mounted light/lasers in red (CMR-205) and green (CMR-204).


These compact units offer both a 100 lumen white light and an aiming laser in the same unit. Like other Rail Master offerings, the Rail Master Pro Series are adaptable to a number of different rail mounted applications and are activated via side paddles. They are powered by a front loaded CR2 battery.

I have little doubt that these new units are excellent but I long for the day that Crimson Trace rolls out a similar light/laser combination unit with their “Instinctive Activation” style switch.

Check out the new Rail Master Pro Series and other new offerings for 2014 at Crimson Trace.

One Response to Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Series

  1. AJ January 7, 2014 at 12:51 #

    Interdasting. CT stuff is top notch, so I’m earner to see how this compares to the similarly-featured Viridian c5l.

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