Geissele Automatics Tavor Trigger News

If you are a Tavor owner you likely remember when I first mentioned that Geissele Automatics was working on a trigger for the popular bullpup design. There was some question as to whether the trigger would ever see the light of day. Well, I have good news. Development of the Tavor trigger is still moving forward and a rapid prototype is already being tested.

If I owned a Tavor, I would start saving my pennies now so I had cash in hand the moment this new trigger dropped. The thought of a bullpup with a Geissele trigger is nearly enough to make want to buy a Tavor myself.

Check out Geissele Automatics.


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One Response to Geissele Automatics Tavor Trigger News

  1. Paul January 5, 2014 at 05:28 #

    I love my tavor and will be ready to pick up this trigger.

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