ROSCH Works SLA1 – Surefire Tailcap Adapter for the SL1

ROSCH SLA1The ROSCH Works SLA1, an adapter that allows you to use Surefire “E” Series tailcaps on the ROSCH Works SL1 that I previously mentioned, is now available.

The SLA1 replaces the momentary tailcap switch that comes standard with the SL1 Sight Light. It screws into place on the rear of the SL1 and then the Surefire “E” Series tailcap of your choice (not included) can be screwed onto the back of the SLA1. This brings two notable switching options to the SL1 – tape switches and “clickie” switches.

Check out the new SLA1 at ROSCH Works.

ROSCH SLA1 Adapter

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