Production Clinch Pick

The ShivWorks Clinch Pick, a near legendary custom produced defensive knife, was previously only available in very small numbers at custom knife prices. Now there is a readily available production version that costs considerably less and is much easier to get your hands on.

Production Clinch Pick

The production version of the Clinch Pick is made from 12C27 steel which may not be a premium steel but it is fairly stain resistant and easy to sharpen. The handle slabs are black G-10 and it comes with a kydex sheath that is similar to the custom version though slightly bulkier around the grip (future sheaths should be improved). ShivWorks is having this production version made in China in a factory that does production work for several notable US manufacturers. Initial reviews have stated that the fit and finish is near perfect.

Both live blades and trainers are available. Check out the production Clinch Pick at

Production Clinch Pick Sheath

One Response to Production Clinch Pick

  1. CB November 6, 2013 at 18:31 #

    I purchased one and will also say the fit and finish is perfect. I’m glad I could afford to own one now. Thank you ShivWorks. Shipping from CCDefense was quick. The sheath can be made more “grip friendly” in just a few minutes with a Dremel.

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