Appalachian Training Steel Armor Trade-In Program

Appalachian Training is waging a campaign against substandard steel armor plates, many of which simply do not perform to the standard the standard that they say they do. Mike, the owner at Appalachian Training, had this to say about target grade steel armor plates:

Steel is applicable in very limited situations where a low vis specific rifle protection requirement is present. And that requires specific steel such as Velocity low vis or AMIs steel packages. Again, steel is for VERY specific PSD / agency requirements. The target type cheap steel armor has NO place in a modern plate carrier for professionals or citizens. It is a non-solution to a real problem set (much like a serpa holster).


You can now trade your steel plates into Appalachian Training for a significant discount on a proper set of plates. If you send your steel plates, you will receive a discount code to purchase a set of Velocity Systems Level IV Stand Alone Armor Plates for just $499.99 plus shipping (normal price is $659.90 plus shipping).

Get in touch with Appalachian Training to get your trade-in started.

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