PLATATAC BFG Hive Wolf Grey 007 Charity Auction

PLATATAC is auctioning off Wolf Grey Hive Satchel number 007 to benefit Wall Walk. This is a great pack for a great cause. In the words of PLATATAC:

You are looking at and bidding on a Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel Build Number 007 of 300 from the very first production run of the Hive Satchel. Bond number for a Bond bag, for a Bond worthy cause. The reason you are bidding: All proceeds, will go to the Wall Walk Charity which is raising money for the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

The auction will close NLT 1700 AEST Friday, 05/07/13 (July 5). The opening bid is $269.00 AUD.

The auction is taking place at the PLATATAC Facebook Page.

BFG Hive 007 Platatac Auction


One Response to PLATATAC BFG Hive Wolf Grey 007 Charity Auction

  1. Team PLAT July 2, 2013 at 19:21 #

    Thanks for the plug Matt, much appreciated.



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