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PLATATAC BFG Hive Wolf Grey 007 Charity Auction

PLATATAC is auctioning off Wolf Grey Hive Satchel number 007 to benefit Wall Walk. This is a great pack for a great cause. In the words of PLATATAC:

You are looking at and bidding on a Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel Build Number 007 of 300 from the very first production run of the Hive Satchel. Bond number for a Bond bag, for a Bond worthy cause. The reason you are bidding: All proceeds, will go to the Wall Walk Charity which is raising money for the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

The auction will close NLT 1700 AEST Friday, 05/07/13 (July 5). The opening bid is $269.00 AUD.

The auction is taking place at the PLATATAC Facebook Page.

BFG Hive 007 Platatac Auction

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