Mayflower R&C UW Chest Rig Gen IV Modification from Appalachian Training

I like seeing how people modify their gear because it gives me ideas for my own modifications. Mike from Appalachian Training recently posted a run down of a modification that he completed on his personal Mayflower R&C UW Chest Rig Gen IV. He turned one of the MBITR pouches into an IFAK pouch by adding a pull strap like the one found on the HSGI Bleeder Pouch.

Mayflower RC Mod

Here is what Mike had to say about the mod…

Was looking for a solution for a non-radio using shooter (me) since I no longer have a legitimate need for FM comms on a chest rig. I was using one of the MBITR pouches as a bleeder kit, but it was not optimal as it is difficult to get items out in an efficient manner (a big no-go). I made a run to the local stitch-meister and had him add this to it. Same concept as the HSGI bleeder pouch (in fact I cut the nylon strap out of an HSGI version). I would venture a guess that any 1.5 or 2in lightweight nylon with a means to grab hold would work (550 cord, any small plastic/nylon D ring). Could probably assemble something from the spare “pieces” all of us have in our gear closets, but I went for the quick win by cannibalizing the HSGI bleeder.

Since the MBITR pouches have a Velcro strip inside as well, a short strip of hook Velcro on the anchor end of the nylon strap would work too if you didn’t want/ need to sew it in “permanently”. Stay safe – M2

You don’t have to throw out or disqualify a piece of gear just because one of the features doesn’t quite meet your needs. You may be able to modify it.

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