GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII Improvements

Several months ago I wrote a review of the GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII AR-15 lower receiver. I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. They just work and don’t seem to have the durability issues of other polymer lowers on the market.

In the review, I mentioned a few fit and finish issues that I noticed: the finish on the take down pins was so bad that they looked used before I even installed them and there was plastic flashing left in the magazine well. GWACS Armory immediately acknowledged the issues and said they would work to correct them… and they did.

GWACS Armory Improved Pins

I have been able to check out a handful of their recent CAV-15 MKII lowers, including a new one that they sent me to show off the improvements. The fit and finish on the take down pins has been MUCH better. The new finish appears to be a deep, black oxide that has held up very well for me. Even after being installed and removed several times, the pins show little wear and look much better than the previous ones even when they were new.

They also addressed some of the plastic flashing issues. GWACS Armory is obviously taking a bit more time cleaning up the lowers by hand after the two halves are fused. The bottom of the grip and the magazine well are much cleaner on this newest example.

GWACS Armory Buffer

All CAV-15 MKII also now come with GWACS Armory’s new distinctive buffer. It is a standard weight buffer (H buffers will be available soon as an option) that is hard anodized bright red and branded with a GWACS Armory logo. This isn’t really a functional improvement (though this buffer is of a higher quality than the one that came in my previous lower) but it does add the type of detail that rounds out a lower and lets you know that the company behind it gives a rip.

It is great to see a company responding to customer feedback the way the GWACS Armory has with these new improvements to the CAV-15 MKII. Check out Use discount code “triggerjerk” to save 5% off your purchase.

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