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Velocity Systems Announces Launch Of New Website

Velocity Systems recently made public their acquisition of Mayflower R&C. Now, they have announced the launch of their new and improved website.


From Velocity Systems:

Dulles, VA – June 20, 2016 – Velocity Systems announces the launch of its newly revamped website. The redesigned website has improved site navigation, functionality, and enhanced search capabilities allowing customers and distributors to view Velocity Systems comprehensive product portfolio.

In order to help visitors get a better understanding of Velocity Systems innovative products, the redesigned store tab offers quick and easy access to essential information and product features. The store tab also includes new category options, increased color selections and expanded product offerings including the Mayflower By Velocity Systems product line. These additions have created a more comprehensive portfolio and improved the search capabilities.

The improved distributors tab provides access to Velocity Systems dealers and distributors, as well as a google map application to show precise store locations. The comprehensive distributor section also includes updated dealer and distributor information. This section will continue to grow and improve as Velocity Systems expands their dealer/distributor network.

To learn more, you can visit the new combined Facebook page for Velocity Systems and Mayflower R&C and visit the new VelSyst.com.

Mayflower R&C LPAC/APC Chest Rig Adapter Kit

The Mayflower R&C LPAC/APC Chest Rig Adapter Kit is now available. This kit allows you to remove the cummerbund on your Mayflower LPAC or APC and replace it with the side buckles of your chest rig providing a lower profile and increased air flow.

mayflower apc lpac adapter

The kit is easy to install. It just replaces the cummerbund in the cummerbund flap on your rear plate pocket. Once installed, you can simply clip the side buckles of your chest rig into the adapter to secure your plate carrier around your chest. This kit should work with all Mayflower R&C chest rigs along with the HSP D3CR, EGL VOCR, and Blue Force Gear MOLLEminus rigs, and others.

LPAC_APC Chest Rig Adapter Kit

Mayflower R&C Placards

The SwiftClip system from Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems changed the way we integrate chest rigs and plate carriers. Now, Mayflower R&C is about to drop the next evolution of that system on us.

mayflower placard 3

They have created what they call Placards which are panels that can be attached to the front of their plate carriers in much the same way as you would attach a chest rig. These Placards attach to the vertical buckles at the top of the plate pocket and they have hook Velcro on the back so they can secure to the loop Velcro material found on the lower front of many Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems plate carriers.

The Placards will be available in multiple versions for both 5.56 and 7.62 platforms. They will allow the body armor wearer to quickly change their load out to suite their weapon and mission.

Check out Mayflower R&C for more details. These will be available at Appalachian Training soon.

mayflower placard 2 mayflower placard 1

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