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Mayflower R&C APC Improvement

The Mayflower R&C APC is an already great plate carrier (see the JTT review) that just got a little better. At least some of the latest APCs to leave Mayflower R&C now feature loop material on the lower two rows of PALS webbing on the front flap. This loop material is used to help secure chest rigs and assault panels like those from Mayflower R&C, Haley Strategic Partners, Extreme Gear, and Beez Combat Systems.

Visit Mayflower R&C and see the new version of the APC at Appalachian Training.


Mayflower R&C Cummerbund Sizing Graphic from Appalachian Training

I might be a bit dense but when I wanted to purchase my Mayflower R&C APC (full review), I needed some hand holding when it come to picking out the right size. Thankfully Mike at Appalachian Training is a pretty patient guy and he walked me through it. I am thrilled with my APC and apparently Mike gets the questions often enough that he created this handy graphic to help people decide which size they need.

Mayflow Cummerbind Sizing

More info from Appalachian Training:

Wanted to pass on a little more detailed sizing info for our Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC Assault Plate Carrier cummerbunds. When sizing your APC remember that the cummerbund runs “outside” the plate pockets on the carrier. This means the shooter has to account for the added girth of the plates when choosing a cummerbund for the carrier. You can also pick up about 2.75 inches of circumference by moving the front Velcro attachments outboard a bit. So for example the max one can get out of a Medium is 40.75″ (38 plus the 2.75). Stay safe – M2

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Mayflower R&C UW Chest Rig Gen IV Modification from Appalachian Training

I like seeing how people modify their gear because it gives me ideas for my own modifications. Mike from Appalachian Training recently posted a run down of a modification that he completed on his personal Mayflower R&C UW Chest Rig Gen IV. He turned one of the MBITR pouches into an IFAK pouch by adding a pull strap like the one found on the HSGI Bleeder Pouch.

Mayflower RC Mod

Here is what Mike had to say about the mod…

Was looking for a solution for a non-radio using shooter (me) since I no longer have a legitimate need for FM comms on a chest rig. I was using one of the MBITR pouches as a bleeder kit, but it was not optimal as it is difficult to get items out in an efficient manner (a big no-go). I made a run to the local stitch-meister and had him add this to it. Same concept as the HSGI bleeder pouch (in fact¬†I cut the nylon strap out of an HSGI version). I would venture a guess that any 1.5 or 2in lightweight nylon with a means to grab hold would work (550 cord, any small plastic/nylon D ring). Could probably assemble something from the spare “pieces” all of us have in our gear closets, but I went for the quick win by cannibalizing the HSGI bleeder.

Since the MBITR pouches have a Velcro strip inside as well, a short strip of hook Velcro on the anchor end of the nylon strap would work too if you didn’t want/ need to sew it in “permanently”. Stay safe – M2

You don’t have to throw out or disqualify a piece of gear just because one of the features doesn’t quite meet your needs. You may be able to modify it.

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