Mayflower R&C Cummerbund Sizing Graphic from Appalachian Training

I might be a bit dense but when I wanted to purchase my Mayflower R&C APC (full review), I needed some hand holding when it come to picking out the right size. Thankfully Mike at Appalachian Training is a pretty patient guy and he walked me through it. I am thrilled with my APC and apparently Mike gets the questions often enough that he created this handy graphic to help people decide which size they need.

Mayflow Cummerbind Sizing

More info from Appalachian Training:

Wanted to pass on a little more detailed sizing info for our Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC Assault Plate Carrier cummerbunds. When sizing your APC remember that the cummerbund runs “outside” the plate pockets on the carrier. This means the shooter has to account for the added girth of the plates when choosing a cummerbund for the carrier. You can also pick up about 2.75 inches of circumference by moving the front Velcro attachments outboard a bit. So for example the max one can get out of a Medium is 40.75″ (38 plus the 2.75). Stay safe – M2

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