Beez Combat Systems SVD Chest Rig

One of the best things about small companies is that they can create products that larger companies might not find worth while. When it comes to tactical gear, that means the a company like Beez Combat Systems can make really cool chest rigs for weapon systems that aren’t all that common and users of that weapon system benefit greatly.



I have mentioned the BCS SVD Chest Rig before but BCS just posted a great picture of the rig with Zastava M76 so this seems like a good time to mention it again. The SVD Chest Rig supports more weapon systems than just the SVD. It can also support the PSL and, of course, the M76.

Maybe it is just the fact that I have always wanted an SVD or similar rifle, but I think these rigs are really, really slick. Check out the SVD Chest Rig at

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