Zombie Tinder

The zombie craze is starting to fade in the gun world (thank goodness) but I did come across one zombie themed item recently that got my attention. Zombie Tinder is an easy to use emergency fire starting aid.

Zombie Tinder

Zombie Tinder makes 2 different sized tinder balls – Wet Weather Tinder and Dry Weather Tinder. They are available in kits that contain different mixes of the 2 depending on where you plan on using them. If you are going to be in the rain forests of the Northwest, then you’ll need a longer burning tinder for starting fires with wet wood. If you are going to be trekking across a desert, then shorter burn times will suffice.

Each kit comes in a tin that can be used a number of different ways. It is reflective for emergency signaling, can be used to boil water, make char cloth, or just carry small items.

I watched Dry Weather Tinder burn for just under 15 minutes which was impressive to say the least. The larger Wet Weather Tinders can be burn longer than 20 minutes according to the manufacturer. Check out ZombieTinder.com.

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