Echo Nine Three V4/QD – Perfect AK Underfolder Sling Mounting Solution

If you own an AK with an underfolding stock, get a box of tissues because tears of joy are about to flow down your face and I don’t think I am overstating this (maybe a little). Underfolder stocked AKs are notoriously hard to sling. Well, that is about to change when the Echo Nine Three V4/QD Sling plates are released.

E93 V4QD

The picture shown above is a prototype mounted on an AK with an underfolder. We have talked about the V4/QD before but only in the context of use on AK pistols. Now that I have seen this, I think these are going to jump the head of a very short line of sling mounting options for underfolders. It positions the sling at the rear of the receiver where it can be used for single and two point sling applications and is tucked nicely out of the way. It uses standard push button QD swivels and is fully ambidextrous.

Installation is just as simple as the other Echo Nine Three Sling Plates. Just remove your grip, drop on the Sling Plate, and re-install the grip.

That sound that you hear is the joyful exclamations of AK underfolder shooters everywhere. These should be available in the next few weeks. Check out


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