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Echo Nine Three Track Suit Sling

Do you own an AK? Do you own a tracksuit? Do you enjoy making the old guys at the range shake their heads in quiet disapproval? This is for you.

Echo Nine Three’s new Track Suit Sling is now available in very low numbers on a trial basis. The sling features thick printed webbing (thicker than the webbing found on their SBS) with wire snap hooks at each end. The Track Suit Sling is available in Black, Red, and Blue.


Echo Nine Three Afghan Warlord Shoulder Rig

Look at this. Look at it!

Echo Nine Three is offering Afghan-made Warlord Rigs that are made from genuine Camel hide and they are amazing. The only problem is that they sold out just about as soon as they were listed for $69.95. There may be hope however as they are attempting to work out a timeline for importing more.

You can keep your eye on the Echo Nine Three website for details: Echo93.com

New from Echo Nine Three: Eight Five Grip

The Eighty Five is a new grip from Echo Nine Three that is inspired by the SVDS¬†grip (and modern AR-15 grips). It’s basically a completely modern grip in terms of function but a real throwback when it comes to materials and looks.

The Eighty Five features a more vertical grip angle than most AK grips (85 degrees in relation to the bore… hence the name). The grip is tapered slim through the upper part to allow clearance for the thumb and trigger finger. It swells out from there to fill the rest of the firing hand.

These grips are made from Baltic Marine Birch laminate or Beech wood depending on the selected finish. They are available unfinished for DIYers who want to match their existing furniture or in accurate Russian Red and Chicom Orange shellac finishes.


Echo Nine Three Eighty Five Grip

Echo Nine Three just release a teaser for their new AK grip and its a looker.

Inspired by the grip of the SVDS rifle and many of the modern grips for M4 type rifles. We set out to bring the same modern handling attributes to the Kalashnikov platform.

Provisionally named the “Eighty Five”. This grip provides an 85 degree grip angle to the line of bore when installed on the rifle. Standard AK grips are typically at 70 degrees.

These are US made of superior quality Baltic Marine Birch laminate and will be available in Soviet Red, Chicom Orange or unfinished. They install with a standard AK grip screw (not included). We anticipate availability in the second quarter of this year. To be placed on the availability notification list, please email us at info@echo93.com. Also, let us know if you prefer finished laminate, unfinished laminate, finished hardwood or unfinished hardwood.


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