UW Gear Adds PenCott Webbing

UW Gear just placed an order for the new Hyde Definition PenCott Webbing (PredatorBDU blog has the details on the new webbing). This printed webbing will now be standard on all their PenCott camo chest rigs. I can tell you that this webbing matches the patterns very well in my limited experience with the Badlands pattern. UW Gear had a sample of the webbing that they used on an AK Swampfox MKII that I ordered.

UW Gear PenCott Webbing


I also ordered a Ranger Green Minuteman MKII with Coyote Brown pull tabs and I am really happy with how it turned out. UW Gear used Coyote Brown hardware and stitching which makes for a very attractive color combo. The contrasting color makes the pull tabs easier to see.

Check out UWGearInc.com.

UW Gear Ranger Green Coyote Brown Combo

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