Triple Magazine Shingles from UW Gear

triple1-u5144Triple Magazine Shingles are now available from UW Gear. They have made the singles and doubles for a while now and I have been pestering them to make triples the entire time. They finally relented – probably just so they didn’t have to listen to me anymore.

These Triple Magazine Shingles use the same innovative flap retention system for which UW Gear is now known. The 3 magazine format is perfect for the front of a plate carrier (most of which have 6×3 fields of PALS webbing on the lower front). They are available for the AR-15/M4/M-16, AK-47, and AK-74 and they come in a ton of different color options.

Check out the Triple Magazine Shingle at UW Gear – AR-15 version and AK versions.

One Response to Triple Magazine Shingles from UW Gear

  1. Patriotic Sheepdog April 21, 2013 at 13:29 #

    I’m glad to see these as well. I’ve been bugging them also, and received mine the other day. Fits great on my Banshee. UWGEAR is a great company that listened to the needs and wants of the customer. IMO, they make some high quality gear that can stand up to any of the “top known” manufacturers..

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