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The Lights Out Saga was able to raise over $30,000 with their initial crowd funding effort in spite of Indiegogo going back on their word.

This update was shared on The Lights Out Saga Facebook Page:

“As many of you know, a few weeks ago we began our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the film. This initial thirty-day campaign ends Sunday, and thanks to everyone’s support – the Lights Out Saga film project has raised over $30,000!! Although we will still conduct additional funding campaigns, unfortunately we’ll no longer be able to utilize Indiegogo for our continued efforts.

Before starting our campaign, Indiegogo informed us we could offer firearm and tactical accessories as gifts for donations without violating their no-weapons policy; as long as it did not consist of firearms, knives or accessories that were regulated by law. Shortly after beginning our campaign, Indiegogo changed their position and stated we could no longer offer items such as optics, firearm accessories or flashlights if they originated from tactical suppliers. Since the bulk of our sponsors and their contributions fell within these categories, the shift in requirements by Indiegogo severely limited our ability to offer many of the gifts provided by our corporate supporters. We feel that the unanticipated restrictions resulted in loss of potential donations.

The sudden turnaround of Indiegogo’s prior statements was surprising, and in spite of our protests, they’ve not been willing to honor their earlier assurances. Although we’re very disappointed, another platform will soon be available to continue our campaign. This decision has no bearing on anyone who has contributed! You will still receive the packages you were promised. In fact, your package may include some items we were not able to list with Indiegogo. (For example, those at the higher contribution levels will be receiving some items from our friends at Cold Steel.)

I certainly cannot express how grateful we all are for your support to date! We have been working hard behind the scenes and anticipate some big announcements soon. With that said, we are absolutely committed to working with companies that share our values. We will continue to partner with the right organizations, adjust our partnerships where appropriate, and keep you apprised of any changes”

I thought this part was particularly ridiculous: “Indiegogo changed their position and stated we could no longer offer items such as optics, firearm accessories or flashlights if they originated from tactical suppliers.” Let the absurdity of that wash over you for a minute.

The effort to bring the book to the screen continues in spite of the obstacles. In fact, it appears that the movie has picked up another high profile sponsor. Here is a hint…

Lights Out Dillo

The movie also has a new website that features pictures from the upcoming trailer and sponsor information. Be sure to check out newly updated


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