Media Notices the Return of the Tourniquet

The tourniquet, once misunderstood, is back in a big way and now the media is taking notice. Several outlets like Fox News, The Daily Mail, The Washington Post, Military Times and many others have run stories about the important role that the tourniquet played in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Many of these outlets are reporting the story as if tourniquets are just now back on the scene, but if you have been paying attention, you know that they have been considered a vital part of any trauma kit for quite some time now.

This seems like a good time to bring up that it is important to train with your trauma treatment items like tourniquets. I suggest trying to find a point of wound care type class in your area. It is money well spent. There is also a wealth of knowledge to be found on the internet if you know enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Pocket Doc from Dark Angel Medical is a solid source and this video is excellent…

One Response to Media Notices the Return of the Tourniquet

  1. Trice B. April 19, 2013 at 22:03 #

    Great article to bring this info back to life so to speak. I have been carrying one for years on my person while working and all my first aid kits are stocked with tourniquets and military bandages to boot. Be prepared!

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