Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock (BMS)

Mission First Tactical is showing off the latest addition to their BattleLink series of stocks – the BattleLink Minimalist Stock or BMS. The BMS joins the BattleLink Utility and BattleLink Utility Low Profile Stock (which we reviewed).

MFT tested this production prototype of the stock until it cracked.

The BMS is certainly a light weight stock. It weighs in at under 4 ounces and MFT claims that it is the lightest on the market. Don’t let the word “minimalist” and its light weight make you think this stock lacks features. This stock retains much of the functionality for which the BattleLink stocks are known. It retains the ability to accept the Mission First Tactical Foretrex Upper Mount. The BMS also has several sling mounting points including a QD sling swivel socket near the forward part of the stock. It also has the angled buttpad which I liked so much when reviewed the BatteLink Utility Low Profile Stock.

Check out the new Mission First Tactical BattleLink Minimalist Stock.

4 Responses to Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock (BMS)

  1. Ron Larimer October 20, 2012 at 11:11 #

    That looks like a nightmare around straps, loops and edges. Did you find that worked ok?

    • Matt October 20, 2012 at 11:55 #

      Ron, I have tried the BattleLink Utility Low Profile Stock which also has a hooked buttpad area and it has never hung up on me or my gear. But, I can see how it might be a consideration for some users.

  2. Andrew Hyatt October 22, 2012 at 08:17 #

    Its pretty similar in profile to the VZ-58’s factory folder, which in my experience doesn’t get gnarled up even when doing a variety of transitions.

    I’m pretty stoked about this. I wonder what they did to get it to crack there.

  3. Bobo March 2, 2013 at 12:51 #

    Man.. I can’t wait for these to come out. It looks like a sweet stock. I’ve had one on pre-order for about a month now. I agree with Matt that the low profile stock is fantastic – I’ve been using it for awhile now and I’ve never noticed it catching on anything. It replaced a Magpul STR and I’m glad that it did. The STR was heavy and unwieldy. The BULS is slick, refined, and comfortable. It’s a shame that
    more people aren’t using them. I’m certain that if more people would give them a try, MFT could carve a large chunk out of Magpul’s and B5’s current market. There seems to be a lot of snobs out there that will turn their nose up at any new gear until they see Larry Vickers or Chris Costa using it. Oh well, I guess that means more for those in the know like you and me Matt…

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