UW Gear Swampfox

Stop the presses! UW Gear just introduced their next chest rig – the Swampfox.

The most obvious feature of the new rig is the split front design that allows for easy donning and doffing. I am a sucker for split front chest rigs. It also has the same great pouch and flap design as the excellent Minuteman MKII Chest Rigs. Both sides of the rig have a 3×3 panel of PALS webbing and the “H” harness is the same great design that UW Gear is known for. I have also been told that UW Gear is working on a hydration carrier that will integrate with their harness which is great news because split front plate carriers and hydration carriers go together like PB&J.

The new rig will be on UWGearInc.com in the next few weeks. In the mean time, you can discuss the Swampfox on the UW Gear Discussion Forum.

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