Review: ECHO NiNER Light Speed Camera Strap

I recently reviewed the ECHO NiNER Original Camera Strap. Today, we will be taking a look at the new Light Speed Camera Strap from ECHO NiNER (E9).


The Light Speed Camera Strap is the second camera strap offering from ECHO NiNER. Like the Original, the Light Speed is designed to stand up to the abuse that comes along with combat photography. E9 bills it as a simpler and more low profile alternative to the Original Camera Strap.

The Light Speed is made mostly from 1” webbing. The quick adjust “tail” portion of the strap is standard mil-spec flat webbing while the main portion of the sling is made from 1” tubular webbing. There is one side release buckle that serves as both the quick adjust for length and an emergency release should you need to free yourself from the strap.

In addition to the quick adjustment tail on the SRB mentioned above, the Light Speed features a tri-glide for additional adjustment. The result is a strap that is longer and more adjustable than the Original Camera Strap.

Like the Original Camera Strap, the Light Speed utilizes para-cord attachment points for durability.

Observations from Use

I love the Original Camera Strap from E9 but I might actually like the Light Speed a bit more. It is hard to put my finger on exactly why but the extra length and adjustability has a lot to do with it. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in focused simplicity and greater adjustability. It is a good trade-off.

The Light Speed has a minimum length of about 27” so it can be cinched against your body to prevent your camera from swinging around. Its maximum length is about 52” which means that there is plenty of room for wearing the sling across your shoulder instead of just around your neck, even if you are wearing some gear.

The dual adjustment points make harnessing that extra length very easy. I found that the tri-glide provides a lot of gross adjustment while the quick adjust tail can be used to fine tune the length on the fly. I adjusted my tri-glide so that the strap was long enough to allow me to wrap it over my shoulder with the quick adjust in the fully extended position. That way, I can quickly cinch the camera to me by pulling the quick adjust tail. The Light Speed lacks the tacky rubber grip strip of the Original, so it doesn’t lock down quite as tight but it does an admirable job.

The choice of tubular webbing is excellent for this strap for a few reasons. One, its edges are rolled so it doesn’t wear out your neck as it moves. Two, it is slick which makes it easy to maneuver the camera. Three, it is extremely durable. Wider straps are typically more comfortable than thin straps but the tubular webbing goes a long way toward making this a pretty comfortable strap.

Wrap Up

This is a great strap. It has plenty of adjustability, enough length to handle various gear configurations, and purposeful simplicity. It is rugged, reliable, and looks good. The Light Speed Camera Strap is a nice change up from the Original Camera Strap.

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