New Thorntail Light Mount from Haley Strategic Partners and IWC

The Thorntail series of light mounts from Haley Strategic Partners and Impact Weapons Components do what you expect a light mount to do – attach a light to your rifle. If that was all they did, they wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they have been. The Thorntail series of light mounts are about more than mounting lights, they are about solving problems.

Photo credit: Haley Strategic Partners

The newest addition to the Thorntail family is designed to place weapon lights like the INFORCE WML and various pistol lights in a more ergonomically advantageous position. It cantilever’s the light out to the side of the rail and angles it so that it falls directly under your thumb.

This new mount is not yet available but it should be on the HSP website and IWC website soon. Stay tuned for a full review. If you shop at the IWC website, be sure to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” for 5% off your order.


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