MAC Reviews the Echo93 V3/QD

You are no doubt familiar with Military Arms Channel (MAC) on Youtube by now. If not, you should probably set aside a fairly large block of time in your schedule because you are going to end up parked in front of your computer watching a ton of great video reviews.

Recently, MAC reviewed the Echo93 V3/QD which was actually a collaboration between MAC and Echo93. I have already stated my opinion on this blog that Echo93 makes the best rear sling mounts available for the AK family of rifles and now that they offer this QD version, that opinion is cemented in my mind even further. There simply just isn’t anything else out there for AKs that approaches the functionality of this sling mount.


2 Responses to MAC Reviews the Echo93 V3/QD

  1. Michael A. Albert September 17, 2012 at 20:12 #

    I agree with your comments, both about MAC and the E93/MAC QD sling mount. What I can’t find is how to order it! I went to the Echo 93 site, but it is not listed in the products shown.

    Any idea where I can buy this for my AK?

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