UW Gear Forum 100 Member Giveaway

UW Gear does something that I wish more gear makers would do – they maintain a forum where you can interact directly with the principles of the company. The forum has tons of great information about their gear, their design philosophy, camo comparisons, and general discussion. It is the kind of place that you go to to determine if UW Gear is right for you and then you end up sticking around because the members are so nice.

They currently have about 70 members on the forum and that number is growing daily. To celebrate the upcoming milestone of 100 members, they are planning a giveaway. There is no word yet on what they will give away, but you will definitely want to be a member of the forum when this giveaway is announced.

Check out UWGear.com and the UW Gear Forum.

AK Minuteman MKII in Pencott Badlands with 3 pouches and 2 columns of MOLLE (shown for reference, this probably isn’t the prize for the giveaway)

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