Eleven 10 Gear Kydex TTH

If you don’t know Eleven 10 Gear, then take note. They make a number of unique and interesting items but none are more unique than their tourniquet holders. They have offered belt mounted Kydex Tourniquet Cases for some time but their newest offering, the TTH or Tactical Tourniquet Holder, mounts to MOLLE webbing.

The TTH is made from Kydex which makes it pretty unique among tourniquet holders. It claims to offer reliable retention and fast access without the need for flaps or straps. The body of the TTH is skeletonized to save weight. It is secured via an included MALICE Clip.

The TTH is available in Black, Coyote, or OD Green. It is currently only available for the SOF-T (Gen 2).

Check out the Eleven 10 Gear Kydex TTH on 1110Gear.com.

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