D-27 Delta Two Seven Tourniquet Pouch

Legion Firearms recently introduced a unique new tourniquet (TQ) pouch that they call the D-27 Delta Two Seven Tourniquet Pouch. This pouch is purpose built to worn on the high center of your plate carrier. This is an ideal location since it can be accessed with either hand and items mounted here will typically not be subjected to as much wear and tear as an item mounted closer to the belt line.

It works with all of the best TQs on the market (C-A-T, SOF-TT, SOF-TT Wide, and others) and is available in Multicam, Ranger Green, and Coyote Brown. This pouch is manufactured by FirstSpear for Legion Firearms. Check out the new D-27 Delta Two Seven Tourniquet Pouch at LegionFirearms.com.

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