Hill People Gear Highlander

The upcoming Highlander pack from Hill People Gear is more than just an up sized version of their popular Tarahumara pack. It adds some additional functionality to go along with the additional size.

The Highlander can be used with the same HPG shoulder harness that the Tarahumara utilizes. The harness turns the Highlander into a stand alone pack with many of the same features but more capacity than the Tarahumara. However, the Highlander can also be used with a kit that turns it into a compression panel.

This compression panel functionality allows the Highlander to be docked to just about any frame on the market (Kifaru, Mystery Ranch, etc). Once docked, you can load up the pack and carry loads between the pack and the frame. This is great for carrying odd shaped items like water cans, bulky compression sacks, or even meat. I have a Mystery Ranch Crew Cab that offers similar functionality and it is exceedingly useful. You will always be finding new ways to carry a wide variety of items.

This looks like it will be a tremendously versatile piece of gear. Check out the Highlander on HillPeopleGear.com.

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