Business End Customs

Greg Carlson, friend of the blog and the man behind Carlson Comps, recently told me I should check out a relatively new outfit run by Lou Biondo called Business End Customs. I did and I really liked what I saw and read about Lou’s shop.

Lou tells me that he concentrates on providing good service, a fair price, quality work, and as short a lead time as possible. He mostly works on Glocks and M&Ps but also builds custom 1911s. His refinishing and gunsmithing services are extensive for these three handguns.

I have been particularly impressed with his work on Glocks. I may have to send in a Glock 19 for him to work some magic on. M&P shooters need not feel left out. Lou also recently introduced a new M&P Enhanced Carry Package that includes 10-8 sights, custom Cerakote refinish, slide melt, and action job for a pretty attractive price.

Check out Business End Custom’s website.

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