TacStrike GOFO Target System

The new GOFO Target System is about as compact and portable as a steel target can be.

There are a number of reasons why having a portable steel target system makes a ton of sense. Steel targets that are left outside can be become irresistible temptations for thieves so it makes sense to have a target that you can easily move and stow indoors. If you shoot at an unorganized range, you likely need to bring your own targets and no one wants to have to move around full size target if they don’t have to.

The GOFO utilizes the same 1/4 scales target as TacStrike’s well known 1/4 Scales Steel Target System. However, the GOFO is far more compact and lighter in weight since it does require a stand, a base, or staking. The entire system folds small enough to be easily carried and deploys easily with a hitch pin locking it in the open position. The hitch pin is the only removable part (everything else is welded).

Due to the design of this target, it can handle rifle fire at distances of 75 yards or greater. It isn’t going to break to pieces if you are closer but the angle of the target could cause a safety issue if you are within 75 yards.

Check it out on the TacStrike website for more information on the GOFO and other great targets.

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