All Terrain Tiger

All Terrain Tiger (ATT) is a new camouflage pattern that is the result of a collaboration between Tiger Stripe Products and TRU-SPEC. It has been flying under the radar a bit during other high profile camo pattern announcements but this is one seriously slick pattern.

ATT is a modernized and more universal version of the famed Vietnam era tiger stripe patterns. The color scheme has been changed from the black and dark greens of the original to a more Multicam-esque color scheme that works across multiple environments. The overall effect is impressive and just down right cool.

Thanks to the collaboration with TRU-SPEC, ATT is going to be available on a host of uniform items. When it comes to  TRU-SPEC uniform items, you know is going to have you covered.  The photos in this post were provided by them and the TRU-SPEC ATT Tactical Response Uniform Jacket, Trousers, Combat Shirt, Combat Cap and wide brim Boonie Hat will be in stock on their site soon.

Be sure to watch the PredatorIntelligence blog for all of the latest details on ATT and other industry news.

All Terrain Tiger Stripe Catalog

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  1. John @ UWGear February 9, 2012 at 19:27 #

    Definitely going to get some of these to try out.

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