Wiha 363 Series Torx Driver Set

I have posted about these before but I have found them so handy, that I think they are worth another mention. The Wiha 363 HM7 set of Torx drivers is one of my favorite tools. They are small enough to toss in your EDC bag (the whole set is about 2″x2.5″) and have the perfect assortment of sizes for most folding knives.

Recently, I had a pocket clip on my EDC knife that was coming loose to the point that I nearly lost one of the screws. I reached into my backpack for my Wiha Torx drivers and fixed the screw in short order.

This set has held up far better than other smaller Torx drivers that I have tried. The finish is still mostly intact and the they have not started to twist or round in the slightest even after quite a bit of use.

I don’t like to carry a ton of stuff that I won’t use. This little set of Wiha Torx drivers is really the only tool that I carry on a daily basis other than a multi-tool. They just continue to impress me with their quality and compact form factor.

One Response to Wiha 363 Series Torx Driver Set

  1. Dan February 7, 2012 at 23:38 #

    Oooh! You know I’m all about the knife-centric posts man… this is a very nice little set. I really like the idea of carrying some torx drivers. I happen to have a little set from Husky, it’s kind of like a pen and holds 3 extra bits in the handle. These look like they are better made however, In Germany at that! Can’t have enough spare drivers imo, you never know when they will come in handy.

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