Hill People Gear Tarahumara: Now in Multicam

It seems that you can fit nearly every gear company out there into one of two niches – those who make minimalist gear and those who over-engineer. Hill People Gear seems to successfully straddle the middle ground by offering gear that is, in their words, “just complex enough to solve the problem, but no more.” This philosophy is evident in the Tarahumara Pack which is now available in Multicam.

The Tarahumara Pack is a small, relatively uncomplicated pack which makes it somewhat unique given the growing complexity of many outdoor products. It is designed to be compact and ride close to the wearer so that the experience of wearing the pack is hopefully like not wearing a pack at all. The compression straps allow the Tarahumara to be cinched down tight so that even a less than full pack can be held tight to the wearer.

The addition of Multicam as an option seems natural since this pack is versatile enough to be a great hunting pack or to function as an assault pack. The Tarahumara is also available in Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, and Foliage Green.

HillPeopleGear.com has all the details.


One Response to Hill People Gear Tarahumara: Now in Multicam

  1. Publius January 26, 2012 at 22:22 #

    Very nice. Check out the history of the Tarahumara people, and begin to understand their minimalist mindset (their people are known run 120mi+ at a time wearing nothing but sandals or even barefoot). If this pack is anything like the name implies it will be rock solid đŸ™‚

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