Make Your AK Mags More Gear Friendly

Most AK magazines are a little rough around the edges – especially in the area of the rear locking tab. This tab sticks out of the back of the magazine just waiting to catch, snag, rub, and/or tear your magazine pouch as you insert and remove them.

The folks at UW Gear definitely know their way around the AK and they made a video to outline a simple modification for just about any AK magazine that will make them much easier on your gear. The only magazine that I have used that doesn’t need this modification is US PALM AK30 thanks to its well designed, rounded locking tab.

This modification is extremely simple to do and should really save some wear and tear on your gear. I suggest following the file with some wet dry sandpaper to at least 400 grit (800+ would be better) to smooth out any gouges left by the files. The smoother surface that the sandpaper leaves will be less prone to rust.

Check out the UW Gear website and Discussion Forums for more information on this exciting new gear company. You can also read more about their Minuteman Mk. II Chest Rig previously on Jerking the Trigger.


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