Elzetta Remote Tape Switch

Elzetta has just released their new Remote Tape Switch for the excellent ZFL-M60 flashlights.

The Remote Tape Switch feature some really innovative features. The most significant is probably the constant on fail safe. Tape switches can and do get damaged from time to time and unlike other tape switches on the market, the Elzetta Remote Tape Switch won’t leave you in the dark. In the event that the tape switch is damaged and rendered inoperable, the user can simply tighten the tail cap all the way for constant on.

In addition to the constant on fail safe, the Remote Tape Switch features an integral zip-tie slot that can be clipped off if it isn’t needed. This should make mounting the switch easy just about anywhere on your handguard.

The Remote Tape Switches are available now on the Elzetta website in 5″ and 12″ lengths.

One Response to Elzetta Remote Tape Switch

  1. Dan December 19, 2011 at 02:15 #

    I like that fail safe feature a lot, with something as delicate as that switch you almost have to assume something is going to happen. I don’t have much experience with Elzetta’s products but it sounds like they do some real innovative stuff, I’d love to pick up one of their totally water proof lights at some point.

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