Elzetta Lights: Water Resistance Test

If you are familiar with Elzetta flashlights you are likely already familiar with how tough they are. You can literally drive nails with them.

Their extreme durability extends far beyond just the sort of impact resistance that it takes to survive driving nails. They are also extremely water resistant. In fact, even if water breaches the o-ring seals and completely fills the light, your Elzetta light can continue to function.

The sealed Malkoff LED module is one of the keys to this level of water resistance. Even though water may breach the body of the light, it cannot access the LED or the electronics.

This is a tremendous capability. O-rings crack, tear, and deteriorate over time. Everyone has had the experience of a once water-proof watch or flashlight allow water to enter unexpectedly. It is comforting to know that even if this happens to your Elzetta, you will probably still have a functional light.

One Response to Elzetta Lights: Water Resistance Test

  1. Dan October 9, 2011 at 02:54 #

    Wow, not gonna lie that was pretty sweet! I wouldn’t mind picking up one of those, the O-rings on my light have held up but all that stuff gradually wears out and if you aren’t careful you can easily nick the o-rings during assembly.

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