New Carrier Portable and Self Staking from TacStrike

More and more outdoor shooting ranges that I have been to are starting to charge for using their target stands. They usually do this to defray the cost of the target stands that are destroyed by goobers who give all gun owners a bad name. What if you could bring your own super durable target stands that packed small enough to fit in a backpack? That is what the new Carrier Portable and Self Staking target stands from TacStrike let you do.

These aren’t just for organized ranges either. If you have access to public or private land, you can use these stands to turn any suitable location into a range. If that suitable spot is fairly long walk from your vehicle, that is no problem thanks to how the stand can be packed down into a small package.

You won’t need to carry sandbags or other weights either since the Carrier Portable and Self Staking is designed with legs that can be staked into the ground. This provides a tip free base even in the wind. If the soil is hard, the base is durable enough to handle being driven with a small sledge.

You can use furring strips as the target uprights. The Carrier Portable and Self Staking will accept either 2″x2″ or 1″x2″ furring strips by adjusting a tension screw to fit. The use of furring strips is a great feature for stands like this. They are light weight, inexpensive to replace when you shoot one, and can be easily cut to any height.

The Carrier Portable and Self Staking is simple, well designed, and extremely portable. Check it out on the TacStrike website.


One Response to New Carrier Portable and Self Staking from TacStrike

  1. Dan September 28, 2011 at 14:33 #

    Nice, these beat the heck out of the ghetto 2×4 stands we would make… that or the “prop the target up in front of a pile of dirt” method!

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