Krebs Enhanced Selector Lever for Saiga

If you like extended selector levers on your AKs like I do but you also own a Saiga rifle (converted in my case) then you will be happy to see this. Krebs Custom now offers their excellent Enhanced Selector Lever with a repositioned detent that is designed for Saiga rifles – the MKVI-S.

New MKVI-S from Krebs Custom

Most AKs have dimples milled into the receiver that mate with a small detent on the selector lever. The combination of these dimples and detents lets the lever “snap” into each position (safe and fire). Saiga receivers lack these dimples. Saiga selectors use a detent that is placed all the way out at the end of the selector lever so that it snaps to the edge of the receiver not into a dimple.

This image shows the difference in the selector detent locations.

I tried using a standard Krebs Enhanced Selector Lever on a converted Saiga that I own. The selector wouldn’t snap into position because there were no receiver dimples and as a result the selector could be too easily bumped into the safe position. The new MKVI-S variant works perfectly for me.

If you own a Saiga rifle, converted or not, you will want to check out the new MKVI-S Enhanced Selector Lever on the Krebs Custom website.

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