Review: New Short Hybrid Lever for the B.A.D.-A.S.S.

Battle Arms Development (BAD) places a tremendous amount of importance on the feedback of their users. So, when their users asked for a new lever for the BAD-ASS, Battle Arms Development delivered. The new “Reverse Hybrid” lever is the result of direct user feedback.

The new lever is referred to as the Reverse Hybrid because it is essentially the opposite of the previously reviewed Hybrid lever. The Reverse Hybrid lever is thin for most of its length except for the end which has a bump (for lack of a better term).

BAD provided me with a prototype of the new lever to try. I was able to use it on both sides of the selector during testing. On the weak side, I like how the bump worked as a pivot point for moving the BAD-ASS with your index finger. It was very easy and intuitive to use. However, the bump is in the worst possible place in terms of interference with your trigger finger. If you are used to using an ambi-safety with standard size levers it probably won’t bother you, but others may want to consider a shorter or thinner lever which, thankfully, the BAD-ASS allows.

The Reverse Hybrid really seems like it works better as a strong (or thumb) side lever. The bump really rotates naturally under your thumb. It feels like a pivot point and just seems natural. It is long enough to reach easily. I did find that it wasn’t as easy to “ride” as the standard lever which has more surface area on which to rest your thumb. I can see the draw of this kind of lever since it does seem to rotate so nicely but it just doesn’t have everything that I look for in a selector lever.

All in all, I am not sure that the Reverse Hybrid is for me, but Battle Arms Development has been very up front about the fact that this isn’t for everyone – it was specifically requested by current users of the BAD-ASS. It may be perfect for you, especially if you are a fan of the popular “star” selectors. No one can say that Battle Arms Development doesn’t respond to their customers (the best companies always do).

The Reverse Hybrid will be available on the Battle Arms Development website soon.

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