ESEE Factory Replacement Handles

ESEE users have been clamoring for years to be able to purchase replacement handle scales. ESEE has finally made this a reality. You can now purchase replacement scales for the ESEE knives, directly from ESEE.

So, if your ESEE-4 came with linen micarta scales but you prefer the canvas micarta scales, you can by them. If you have an ESEE-6 but would prefer to have the scales from an ESEE-5 with their bow drill divet, you can buy them. This opens up a whole new world of ESEE mix and match opportunities.

The handle scales are available on the ESEE website.

One Response to ESEE Factory Replacement Handles

  1. Dan July 22, 2011 at 22:43 #

    Very cool. This is gonna make a lot of people (myself included) very happy.

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