Ameriglo I-Dot and I-Dot Pro for the M&P

Smith & Wesson M&P shooters have a great new sight option. The I-Dot and I-Dot Pro sights from Ameriglo that I like so much on Glocks are now available for the M&P.

Ameriglo I-Dot

Ameriglo I-Dot Pro

The I-Dot series of sights from Ameriglo features a 2 dot design. There is 1 dot on the front sight and 1 one on the rear sight. In order to align the sights, you place the front sight dot over the rear sight dot. I find this to be much more intuitive than the typical 3 dot sights.  For more detail you can read my full reviews on these sight sets for Glocks on the Handgun Sight Review page.

The sights are available from Ameriglo on their website.

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