New Packs from Eberlestock

Eberlestock is known for their packs that integrate rifle carriers directly into the design of the pack. Now they are stepping into the world of “traditional” packs with the introduction of the 90 liter V90 Battleship and the 69 liter V69 Destroyer packs. Even though these are being called “traditional” packs, Eberlestock still couldn’t resist building in a way to carry a rifle.

These packs have essentially the same features between the two models. The only real difference is the size. These packs have some serious capacity, but Eberlestock seems to have done a great job with providing ways to organize and access all that capacity. There are various internal and external pockets that will handle everything from your lunch to your dirty socks. I especially like the idea large external mesh pockets for carrying wet gear or dirty laundry. Access can be accomplished through a typical top loading port with rain collar or through 2 zipped front loading panels.

There are tons of external straps that can serve as lash points for various gear. Some users don’t care for a lot of external straps, but I find that, if they are managed well, they really add a lot of functionality. The straps on the side of the pack can be used to carry a rifle by placing the butt of the stock into the sleeve at the base of the pack and buckling the fore end of the rifle under the strap.

You can check the new packs at Eberlestock’s website.

One Response to New Packs from Eberlestock

  1. Dan June 6, 2011 at 22:43 #

    Dang that is quite the pack! Looks like they thought of everything!

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