UCO Micro Candle Lantern

I am a sucker for cool gadgets like the UCO Candle Lanterns. They are compact, simple, well designed, useful items that can really be handy in a vehicle emergency kit, when the power goes out at home, or even when camping. Now, UCO has released a new, smaller version of the lantern called the Micro Candle Lantern.

The Micro Candle Lantern is even smaller than UCO’s “Mini” Candle Lantern. Like the Mini, the Micro uses “tealight” style candles. The Micro compacts down to just 2.5″ tall for storage and it only weighs 4.2oz with the two included candles. Both candles can be carried inside the lantern itself thanks to a storage compartment in the bottom that can hold the spare candle.

The candles that UCO makes for their lanterns have excellent burn time. The small candles in this lantern should easily provide you with 7-8 hours of light and warmth. That kind of performance makes them perfect for adding to a car kit if you live in colder climates. The heat from a candle might be just enough to take the edge off of a cold night spent stranded in a vehicle or a tent.

The Micro Candle Lantern is not on the UCO website yet but is widely available at UCO dealers.

2 Responses to UCO Micro Candle Lantern

  1. Dan May 4, 2011 at 16:32 #

    Not bad! 7-8 hours is very impressive for a tea light candle. May be worth considering down here in hurricane country as well.

  2. Matt May 4, 2011 at 16:48 #

    The burn time on their candles is excellent. I have only used their larger ones but they do burn the full 9-10 hours (and then some in some cases). The 7-8 hour time is for 2 tealight candles (4 hours each).

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