New and Improved RDK Carrier from Zulu Nylon Gear

Zulu Nylon Gear continues to impress with the latest improvements to their blow out pouch, the RDK Carrier. This pouch is specifically designed to carry the RSKTKR Down Kit but it should work well with your own blow out kit.

The RDK Carrier has some really slick features that make it stand out. The most noticeable is the very large elastic loop on the face of the pouch that is used to secure a tourniquet (TQ) like the SOFTT. Few blow out pouches from other makers provide a place to lash a TQ, if there are any provisions at all. The RDK Carrier’s TQ carrier has a ton of surface area that should make carrying and accessing your TQ a snap.

Pouches designed to carry life saving medical gear cannot be a success unless they are very accessible. The RDK Carrier has an innovative pull tab that can be pulled to open the pouch with one hand. It can be folded down and secured with hook and loop when not in use. The bright color ensures that the pouch is visible and that someone else can easily identify your blow out pouch.

These are features that you won’t find on any other pouch. Joel at Zulu Nylon Gear continues to apply his eye for innovation to pieces of gear that were basically all alike from one maker to the next. What will he re-invent next?

Check out the RDK Carrier on the Zulu Nylon Gear website.

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