Review: Magpul MVG

The Magpul MVG (Magpul Vertical Grip) is a vertical grip that is designed to attach directly to the Magpul MOE Hand Guards. It attaches to the hand guards via a threaded post and a washer. It is prevented from spinning by two thick plastic tabs that lock into the slots in the MOE hand guards. There is no rail section needed which keeps the parts count down (fewer that can break at the wrong time) and it keeps weight down. The MVG attaches very securely and feels rock solid once it is attached. The bottom section of the MOE Hand Guards contains a metal heat shield which helps reinforce the MVG.

I have also seen the MVG adapted to work with other hand guards like the Troy VTAC Extreme and JP/VTAC hand guards. There may be some fitting required but those who have completed this modification have been pleased with the results.

The texture on the MVG is very well executed. The sides of the MVG have a fine texture that is similar to the sides of the Magpul MIAD. The front and back of the grip has horizontal lines that promote grip and control.

The shape of the MVG works very well with a thumb-forward grip. Many vertical grips have a larger, flared section where the grip meets the rail which can actually get in the way of a thumb-forward grip. The MVG has a fairly uniform size from top to bottom which seems to work best with this type of grip.

The MVG is an excellent addition to the MOE Hand Guard. It, along with the Mount-N-Slots from Impact Weapon Components, have turned the MOE Hand Guards into a fully functional alternative to more expensive rail systems. Magpul has really done an excellent job at offering solid gear at a very attractive price with their MOE line.

The MVG used for this review was provided by Impact Weapon Components.

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2 Responses to Review: Magpul MVG

  1. Justin Jangraw November 13, 2010 at 17:21 #

    These MVGs are great. A side note, Magpul has now released them in the other standard colors: FDE, OD, and Foliage Green.

    PS. Just opened our account with IWC – looking forward to getting those items up. Thanks for the heads up on them – I believe they found our site thru your blog.

    • matthewdanger November 13, 2010 at 17:26 #


      Excellent. I think the Mount-N-Slots will do well for you.


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