Elzetta Offers a New Well Designed Strobe Tailcap

Strobe lights of sufficiently fast frequency is quite disruptive to those on the viewing end of the light. A flashlight with strobe function can be an invaluable tool to those who have the training to make the most of it. However, the strobe mode on many flashlights often requires a series of clicks or programming to access which can be difficult to do under stress. Enter Elzetta

The new Strobe Tailcap option for the ZFL-M60 series of lights from Elzetta is designed to correct this shortcoming that plagues most lights. When the tail cap is tightened all the way in the closed position, it acts like any other “clickie” tail cap. You simply press lightly for momentary operation or press until the button clicks for constant operation. If you need to access strobe, you simply back the tailcap off a few degrees. Now the operator needs only to press the tailcap button to access a blinding and disorienting 235 lumen strobe.

There is no series of clicks or programming required. Users who prefer the strobe can simply set the light in strobe mode and leave it there. The strobe is only a button push away. Far too many lights advertise the usefulness of the strobe function and then make the user do interactions that would be difficult or impossible to do under stress. The Elzetta design is far more user friendly and easier to operate under stress – just press a button.

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