Impact Weapon Components Snap Hook Mount-N-Slot

The hits keep coming. Impact Weapon Solitions has expanded their excellent Mount-N-Slot line with the addition of the Snap Hook Mount-N- Slot.

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The Snap Hook Mount-N-Slot is designed to help you get the most out of the Magpul MS2 sling but it would also work well with the Emdom Gunslinger Sling which operates on a similar single point/2 point conversion principle. These slings are designed to be able to transition quickly from a single point configuration to a 2 point configuration. This is allows the user to tailor the strengths of each configuration to the specific situation that they are addressing.

The most interesting and unique feature of the Snap Hook Mount-N-Slot versus other snap hook designs is its shape. It actually raises up off the hand guards and allows the user to run their hand under the hook. It functions as a sort of hand stop to ensure consistent hand placement. It can also be mounted in a number of ways to suit the user’s preference.

You can read more about or purchase an IWC Snap Hook Mount-N-Slot at the IWC web store.

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