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Carbine/H/H2/Rifle Buffers Compared – Vuurwapen Blog – Most AR shooters don’t know or don’t care about buffer weight. It doesn’t alarm them that most AR-15 carbines ship with the wrong buffer weight, but it should. Vuurwapen Blog has posted some excellent videos that show how the different buffer types behave.

Camo Comparison II – ITS Tactical – ITS really hit this one out of the park. They compared several different camo patterns in real world environments and posted a massive number of pics so that you can be the judge of what works.

Uncrackable DIY Pencil-and-Paper Encryption – ITS Tactical – If you value your privacy, this may be a handy tool for you to have in your tool box.

EMISSARY Tactical Messenger Bag – Zulu Nylon Gear – Zulu Nylon Gear just released the EMISSARY Tactical Messenger Bag for public consumption it is absolutely loaded with functionality and style. This is one seriously slick piece of gear. You can read more about the design philosophy on the Zulu Nylon Gear blog

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  1. Dann in Ohio August 10, 2010 at 15:58 #

    This is an excellent explanation of AR15 buffers. Many of the new piston AR15s such as the Ruger, S&W, and Sig also allow you to control the gas-operated piston pressure, but in your regular ARs, the buffer weight match to your ammo is critical from everything I’ve read and experienced with friends’ ARs, but few change the buffer weights – even though it is an easy job. Thanks for the link, I’ve forward your post on to several friends.

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